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TurboVENT – India’s first wind driven ventilator

(Market names: Turboventilator, turbine ventilator, roofexhaust, roof ventilator, windventilator, wind ventilator, airvent, air ventilator, air vent)

Over 5 Lakh Installations across India. 1000's of efficient Industries.

A product of SunGreen Ventilation Systems Pvt Ltd is India's first wind driven ventilator, which has also been indigenously manufactured for over 2 decades. TurboVENT is the only wind driven ventilator proven, for its unmatched performance and longevity for over 20 years.

SunGreen's Technical Expertise: Industrial Ventilation requires in depth knowledge of modern computational fluid dynamics, three-dimensional heat flow, steady and transient state conditions, geographical building locations, contaminants inside and outside space, operator locations, equipment locations etc.
Every industry is unique in its composition and process parameters; hence the ventilation solution needs to be custom engineered to achieve optimum results.

Only Original Turbo ventilator: TurboVENTS are the biggest ventilator in its class. Our product is designed and manufactured with strict quality norms starting with material procurement from renowned suppliers to proprietary production techniques to QC procedures to achieve our proven product quality.

Proven 100% Leakproofness: Product quality, installation techniques has been the key to achieve leak proof installations for over 2 decades.

Revolutionary Custom Welded Conical Base: TurboVENTS come with the option of Custom welded conical Al/SS bases to match your roofing profile and slope. Our revolutionary bases are proven for its long life and ventilation efficiency for over 2 decades. The design and build quality is of no comparison with conventional FRP bases which causes leakage within few months of installation.

Strategic Positioning: Just fixing a wind driven ventilator does not provide the required results. With our expertise, TurboVENTS are strategically positioned on the roof to maintain the required airflow pattern and achieve optimum proven results.

Custom Welded Inner Cones: TurboVENTS come with optional custom welded conical inner cones for installation on roofing with insulated panels. We ensure the insulation property is not affected due to the installation of our product.

Other advantages of TurboVENTS include,
  • Zero Operation costs.
  • Precision balanced low inertia head design.
  • Designed and proven to withstand upto 150 Km/hr. winds.
  • Reduces condensation & mild dew.
  • Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction to suit various environmental conditions.
  • Reduced carbon foot prints and also attracts tax benefits.
  • Noise and maintenance free.

Click here for more information and technical details of Turbovents - India's first and only proven wind driven ventilator

Off the Shelf Product is marketed in the name WINDVENT. Call us for the lowest Pricing for ventilators proven for quality for over 25 years. Provide your clients with quality installations.

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