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TurboGreen is the Ultimate Misting System straight from the experts at SunGreen Ventilation Systems. TurboGreem Misting lines and fans are not just any other misting system / outdoor cooling system / fogging system available in the market . The size of the water droplets due to high pressure systems plays the most important role in efficient cooling by proper mixing with ambient air. TurboGreen mist is measurable in microns level. That is pure cooling and no shower effect which is very common in normal misting or fogging systems available in the market.

Enjoy the outdoors without the dust and heat coming in the way. TurboGreen misting lines and TurboGREEN Misting fans cools your Poolside, gardens, Terrace, green houses, balcony, lawn, porch etc. A simple way to use your outdoor spaces even in the peak of summer. Again using the TWES principal in your outdoor cooling requirements. We custom design an outdoor cooling system perfectly suited for your space. From sports fields to outdoor cafe's to resorts, TurboGreen will increase your outdoor space footfalls. It can also be used for humidification, dust suppression and odour control.


Introducing TurboaMISTER Outdoor misting fans. Indegeneously manufactured in India by the experts in HVAC solutions, SunGreen . TurboMISTER Misting fans are highly e cient, covers a larger area thanks to the R & D e orts that has gone into development of the product. Comes in standard and custom colour requirements to go with your aesthetics.

  • 100% MAINTENANCE FREE - Our misting systems donot have any maintenance requirements considering that its nozzle free but still produce ne mist.
  • SunGreen DESIGN ENGINEERING - After a lot of R & D, the perfect misting fan at affordable costs. Our team of experts worked on the air volume to mist ratio, spacing details for even ow of air as well as adapt / design the fan blades to acheive a wider cooling area.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT - Operate your misting systems without having a hole in your pocket. They are very energy efficient.
  • WIDE RANGE OF ACCESORIES - Our system comes with a range of accesories including custom Tank modules, custom height attachments, wall installation modules to adapt to any site requirements.

The most ideal cooling solution at a ordable costs for cooling any outdoor space including patios, lawns, swimming pool areas, amusement parks, construction sites, sports elds,public meetings, concerts, restaurants, terrace gardens etc.

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