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TurboCOOL - Evaporative Cooling System

Why spend a ton on air conditioning when you have cost effective, eco friendly and customizable cooling solutions. Straight from the experts - TurboCool.

TurboCOOL is an ideal solution for improving working comfort in the most economical manner. Increase in working comfort translates to increased productivity translates to more profit. Installation of fans around the industrial space only recirculates warm, stale, contaminated air, which only increases fatigue of the workmen thus affecting the efficiency and also roved harmful to the workmen in time.

With TurboCOOL 100% fresh air evaporative cooling solutions, we design systems to provide spot or zone cooling where working comfort is to be improved in the most optimal and cost effective manner with minimal energy and water consumption.

The operating costs of TurboCOOL system is equivalent to normal fans but the results are almost 5 to 15 Deg Temperature reductions apart from the air changes provided to the workspace.

A combination of techniques are used to achieve the optimized solution including displacement ventilation techniques, zoning techniques, providing and maintaining strict airflow patterns etc.

TurboCool systems are used to custom design solutions to provide and maintain the required humidity conditions in various textile industries.

Air balancing and moisture control are carried out with the installation of our revolutionary TurboVENTS at strategic locations to achieve maximum efficiency with zero operating costs.

Why try TurboCool - EV Series
  • Engineered design,High Outputs,Covers large areas.
  • Customised according to your space and process for homes, shops, industries, waiting rooms,restaurants etc.
  • Extremely Cost effective and durable.
  • High Quality and Imported Cooling pads are used.
  • Can be used for large areas as well as zone cooling.
  • Adjustable speeds, flow etc.
  • Available with LCD Controllers, fully functional remotes etc.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Quick installation with very low maintenance.


Spot Cooling: Cost effectiveness and optimum design is critical in reducing the energy cost and carbon foot prints. Spot cooling solutions are designed and engineered to provide cool air at required velocities designed and calculated taking into consideration various factors including, process condition, worker location, worker fatigue levels, air volume requirements etc.

Line Cooling: The location of the workmen may not be constrained to a few points and could spread along the assembly line. The supply airflow diffusers are designed and engineered to provide the required airflow at optimum velocity to provide the comfort condition to the workmen. Various factors as mentioned above are taken into consideration for optimizing the system.

Zone Cooling: When the workmen locations are not constant or if the whole area of the space is to cooled, zone cooling techniques are adopted to provide cool air with TurboCOOL systems by maintaining the required airflow pattern to achieve even distributed air flow and air changes thus translating to comfort conditioning.


Customized solutions for various Industrial and commercial environments including, Automobile Industries, textile Industries, Battery manufacturing, Chemical industries, fabrication units, leather industries etc.

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