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SunGreen - Industrial Air Technology

Reduce your energy Costs, Reduce your carbon Foot Prints with our precise engineered Solutions.
SunGreen ventilation Systems are pioneers in the field of energy efficient ventilation solutions in India. Our range includes Industrial air technology precisely designed to meet the IAQ (Indoor air quality) requirements.

Industrial Air technology: Industrial air technology comprises of system design to achieve and maintain safe, healthy, productive indoor industrial environments in premises and occupied enclosures for both human comfort and production process requirements. Other air technologies including air purification, drying, pneumatic conveying is part of the above terminology.

  • IAT is distinctly classified into two categories namely,
  • Industrial Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Process Air technology.
Process air technology:
Process air technology mainly focuses of four terminologies namely, Cleaning systems which are used to remove contaminants, cleaning the resulting fluid flows, collect materials before discharge of exhaust air, Pneumatic conveying systems used to transport captured pollutants from process to the collection point, drying systems used to remove moisture gas, vapor from a product, Safety air technologies to control smoke during emergency fire situations, explosions etc.

Industrial Ventilation and Air conditioning:

Air conditioning systems: Air conditioning systems control air quality inside the space, the thermal environment for both human occupancy and process.

General Ventilation Solutions: In general ventilation systems, indoor air parameters are controlled partially. Target levels achieved are not for precise requirements and are lower than for air conditioning.

Local ventilation Systems: Local ventilation systems are used for local controlled zones. These systems are based on local capture of contaminants.

Process Ventilation Systems: Process ventilation systems targets at maintaining defied conditions to ensure process functioning and performance.

Process Ventilation Systems: Process ventilation systems targets at maintaining defied conditions to ensure process functioning and performance.

At most cases while designing an industrial building, the above two terminologies are designed separately which may not help in achieving optimum results. At, SunGreen, we work on providing the required Industrial Ventilation and air conditioning solutions by analyzing the process air technology pertaining to the workspace so that all the required parameters are considered in our design which makes our system optimum, energy efficient and cost effective.

Numerous factors are considered while designing a system, including Solar radiation, conveying systems, thermal flow detailing, material emission detail, infiltration details along with wind influence on the same, process air technologies in place etc. along with guidelines from renowned organizations including OSHO, ASHRAE, and ACGIH are considered while designing our systems.

Our approach:
Diagram: Flow Chart Our solutions include,

• Precise Industrial ventilation and air conditioning.
• Cleanrooms
• Data Center / Control Panel cooling solutions.

Precise Industrial Ventilation and air conditioning.

As a system designer, we study the conditions in totality and work on providing an economical, precise solution considering various strategies and airflow patterns including Piston, stratification, zoning and mixing techniques.

Every process might have different IAQ requirements. We try and establish the process air quality criteria that are intended for the given space. Common criteria include space temperature or precise zone temperature; humidity levels required, ventilation rate, indoor air quality, allowable sound levels, other conditioning systems in place, etc. This way our systems achieve precise temperature, humidity conditions, airflow patterns, and contaminant control.

At SunGreen, the requirement is analyzed in depth to arrive at a system design that is most suited for the process, meeting its requirements in a precise manner with attention to detail and thus achieving tremendous energy and cost savings.


Cleanrooms are work environments with very low level of environmental pollutants / contaminants including physical, chemical and biological. The allowable contaminant levels varies based on the process requirements and is specified by the allowable number of particles / m3 and its corresponding cleanroom class. We at SunGreen provided efficient cleanrooms for various classes including,

We consider numerous factors in designing a system for contamination control and conditioning. Factors include temperature / humidity levels to be maintained inside the space, determination of the contamination and its source, the pathway travelled and its optimization, The air flow pattern to be maintained inside the space to achieve required results, (Laminar / Turbulent etc.), The pressurization levels required for the given cleanroom, the number of air changes required for the specified class etc. Contamination control does not begin and end in providing a suitable filtration system, we incorporate a comprehensive design element to analyze the system and process in totality to achieve optimum results. The values and terminologies pertaining to cleanroom classifications and guideline values and we try to go a step higher to analyze the actual site conditions and requirements to achieve precise results. We work towards providing that system which achieving utmost efficient with 0 compromise and at the same time keeping an eye on the energy costs.

Table 2: Show sketches of various airflow types etc.

Partitions and Interior Finishing:

Cleanrooms are custom built to the required size and boundary conditions and our quality wall panels suit the requirement to achieve a suitable finish.

We provide Insulated wall panels with GI / GL Pre painted sheets with PUF / Rockwool insulation meeting the stringent quality and technical standards of controlled process environments including pharma, medical etc.

Our suspended ceiling panels are load bearing, Walkable and are can be customized to provide the required cutouts for lighting and HVAC requirements. Optimised lighting is provided for the given area considering the process requirements, equipment locations, activity locations etc.

HVAC System:
Our HVAC systems are engineered to suit the required condition. Our ability to control the required parameters with due regards to industrial engineering, energy conservation and safety aspects all time reduced operation costs makes us an ideal candidate.

We carefully assess the requirements of the facility with involvement by our highly qualified and experienced technical team to plan our system design and execution taking into various considerations including the maintainability of the system, which is very critical for consistent conditioning on a long term basis.

Our HVAC components including Air Handling units, cooling coils, ducting, Filter modules etc. are manufactured with stringent quality norms and meet the required standards of testing agencies.

Our bought out items such as the refrigeration units, centrifugal blowers, HEPA/ULPA filters etc. are sourced from the best of manufacturers with the required technical certifications.

Data Center / Control Panel Cooling:

Precise design is a very crucial factor in data center and panel cooling to achieve optimum results. The airflow pattern plays a vital role in achieving these results since the thermal transfers are to be considered at source.

At SunGreen, we have options to cool data centers / control panels either with conventional air conditioning or with Precise evaporative Cooling (PEC).
We recommend PEC at geographical locations where evaporative cooling is suitable and effective. With our expertise, our systems are designed to perfection to achieve upto 90% savings in operation costs. The initial investments are also very low in comparison to conventional air conditioning.

We at SunGreen were one of the very first companies if not the first to design a PEC for cooling an electrical control panel about a decade ago. Our system was designed in the most efficient manner by providing a cold isle and maintaining an airflow pattern in such a way that the cool air supplied acted directly in providing the required heat transfer and was thus exhausted out of the space with energy efficient TurboVENTS India's first wind driven ventilator, This way tremendous energy savings were achieved.

It is now officially accepted by ASHRAE vide thermal guidelines no TC 9.9.2011 that a supply air condition at 18 to 28Deg C and with a RH of 20% to 32% is acceptable for modern data centers which have an allowable condition value even greater than this.

At geographical locations where PEC may not be very effective for reduction in temperature, our systems are designed with refrigerant-based air conditioning units to provide the required conditions. Here again, a strict airflow pattern is maintained to ensure optimization of the system and thus reduction in operation costs.

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