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SunGreen Precise Evaporative Cooling SHOWROOOMS

Activity Summary: Car showroom, spaces include car display area, reception and receiving area, office spaces and conference rooms.

Challenges faced:

• Layout with partitioned rooms around the space.
• High ceilings with glazing for the front facade of the building.
• Comfort of the people in the whole area as well as happy customers.

SunGreen Solution:

• The drawings were studied completely, we worked together with the architect and interior contractors to design the whole building to achieve precise airflow patterns.
• 2 Nos of SunGreen PEC - AD-18000 was installed for the given area with concealed ducting to cool the whole space including the partitioned rooms.

• We achieved tremendous comfort inside the showroom space comparable to air conditioners with fraction of the cost of the same.
• 100% fresh air translated to a very healthy working environment and improved worker and customer morale.
• The units could be switched on at all times even when the customer foot fall is less considering the low operation costs which causes most showrooms to switch off their air conditioners during non peak hours.

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