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General Ventilation Systems / Industrial Ventilation Solutions
Any Industrial Environment or workspace would require basic ventilation and air change for better indoor air quality and worker safety. We at SunGreen pioneering wind driven ventilation in India analyze the requirements and the conditions precisely to provide the required air change inside the space with TurboVENTS - India's first and only proven wind driven ventilator.With in-depth engineering and strategic placement of our wind driven ventilators/ roof ventilators/eco friendly exhaust fans / turbine ventilators, we acheive improved airflow pattern inside the space with high travel path of fresh air inside the space thus achieving tremendous comfort with very minimal investments.

Comfort Cooling Solutions / Spot Cooling Systems/ Zone Cooling Solutions
Improved working comfort has a direct impact on productivity of a workspace, the worker morale is improved and the absenteeism is also reduced drastically. At SunGreen our range of comfort cooling systems provides 100% fresh air for the workmen at low temperatures and at a very precise air flow velocity which is custom designed for each workspace considering various parameters.
Boasting of very low working costs as well as initial investments, the costs work up to as low as 10% of the cost of conventional air conditioning but providing fresh air in comparison to stale recirculated air in an air conditioner.

Pressurisation Systems:
Our pressurization systems are custom designed to your application requirements to maintain the required pressure ( Negative / Positive ) for control of air as well as contaminants from a given place to another. We precisely design for various applications including Hospital ventilation systems, Food Industry Ventilation Systems, Pharmaceutical Industry Ventilation Systems etc.

Humidification and Humidity Control Systems:
Precise humidification and control of the same is mandatory in various applications and processes. At SunGreen , we maintain the desired humidity levels with very low operation costs thus achieving an energy efficient solution. The requirements are thoroughly analyzed to also provided zoned humidity control solutions as per the site / process requirements. Our humidification systems are ideal for textile industries and other applications where the process is dependent on precise humidity levels inside the space.

CleanRooms and Contaminant Control Solutions
Providing the required filtration arrangement alone may not serve the purpose of a cleanroom. At SunGreen, we go deeper into the requirement, analyze various conditions including the locations, process, process locations, workmen approach, opening required etc to arrive at the required conditions. We design precise zonal variable class cleanrooms including precise exhaust of the contaminant in the space. Detailed analysis also provides us an opportunity to reduce energy costs drastically thus reducing the carbon foot print as well.

Data Center and Control Panel Cooling Systems
We are one of the first people if not the very first to provide a precise evaporative cooling system to cool electrical chargers of high capacity. 12 Years ago when it was not a norm, our technical team at SunGreen designed the system to provide upto 90% cost savings from their conventional system including an exhaust system operated with our revolutionary TurboVENTS wind driven ventilator .
We would be more than happy to save your energy costs in cooling your chargers and data centers precisely and efficiently.

Animal Stock Cooling Solutions
Cost effective solutions with various systems in place including evaporative cooling units, High volume fans etc to cool your live stock and improve productivity.

Precise Air Conditioning Solutions
Whatever might be your requirement to run your process, any level of temperature control, humidification or dehumidifcation systems, contaminant control systems, precise spot cooling etc could be designed an engineered to achieve optimum results.

Outdoor Cooling Solutions
Outdoor Mist cooling solutions ranges from misting fans, misting lines, padded evaporative cooling units etc with options including cost effective cooling solutions to more precise High pressure micron level atomization to achieve precise results.

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