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Facility summary: Storage volumes designed for ripening of fruits at various seasons including mangoes, tomatoes, papaya etc.

Challenges faced:

• Building size and airvolume was to be optimised for utmost efficieny of the ripening systems and proper storage of material as well.
• Air tightness of the roofing.
• Temperature required to be achieved through evaporative cooling solutions.
• Ripening gases used not to have an effect on the roofing sheets.

SunGreen Solution:

• Their requirement was 100% Leakproof metal roofing, including air leakage could only be provided with GreenCurve Self Supported Roofing Solutions - The same was informed to them, explained to them in totality
• Various option drawings were made considering the stack heights of fruits stored, the air volume required, optimised cooling requirements etc .
• In order to save costs of insulation, we recommended the right raw material for the application which also suits the gases being used inside the space, thus not harming the roofing panels.
• On confirmation of the sizing, the installation of Self Supported roofing was carried out to exceed the client's expectations to achieve precise storage volumes.
• Evaporative cooling solutions were designed and engineered for the given space with celdck pads and exhaust fans to achieve the required conditions.

• Never before efficieny in ripening of fruits were achieved.
• The building was checked for air leakages and the client was very happy with the results achieved.
• The condition with the HVAC solution met the requirement precisely.

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