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SunGreen Ventilation Systems P Ltd represents over 3 decades of expertise and experience in precise engineering solutions and offers systems for Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Building Solutions.

Starting in the year 1981 as Sigma Welds, we specialized in critical and precise fabrication jobs including pressure vessel fabrication, titanium welding, Heat exchanger fabrication etc. Sigma Welds the parent company of SunGreen catered to various Industrial segments including Space and Atomic Research organizations, Pharma units, Petrochemical units etc.

Sun Ind International later originated to provide energy efficient Industrial ventilation and Cooling Solutions. Pioneering wind driven ventilation in India, with TURBOVENTS. We are proud about the fact that our wind driven ventilators / roof ventilators / turbine ventilators are the only one's in the industry proven for its unmatched performance for over 20 years.

Our R&D continued to provide state of the art evaporative Cooling Solutions and are the only company to provide energy efficient evaporative cooling systems with air management and moisture control carried out with energy efficient wind driven roof ventilators, TurboVENT.

Our product range includes Industrial Cooling Systems, Customized Industrial ventilation Systems, general ventilation systems, zone cooling systems, localized ventilation systems, humidification systems, clean rooms, dust suppression systems, evaporative cooling, spot cooling systems, contaminant control systems, fresh air systems, forced ventilation systems, Fabric ducting systems or fabric air dispersion systems, Ventilation Incorporated roofing systems, self supported roofing systems, turnkey industrial construction etc. under the brand names TurboVENT, TurboCOOL, TurboGREEN, Turboa SOX, GreenCurve Roofing Systems etc.

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