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Facility summary: Animal skin as raw material is brought in to the plant, processed to achieve the final product that is fine quality leather sheets for usage in various articles.

Challenges faced:

• The processing involves various stages which includes issues such as toxic fumes, corrsoive environment, lots of workmen situated at various areas, state smell inside the space, wetness inside the area etc.
• Client required a cost effective general ventilation solution to take care of the above issues mentioned.

SunGreen Solution:

• After our technical team's site visit to analyse the exact conditions inside the space making observations at all the processing areas at various times during the day.We straight away recommended installation of TurboVENTS - India's first and only proven wind driven ventilator.
• Considering the indoor air quality in the space, Stainless Steel wind driven ventilators - TurboVENTE - Model SS-304 - 24 was recommended with state of the art Conical Stainless Steel Welded Bases for the application.
• Strategic positioning by SunGreen's expert team to achieve precise airflow patterns inside the space.

• Improved working conditions was achieved and thus productivty was improved.
• Corrosion of other metal articales inside the space was also reduced drastically due to the strategic location of TurboVENTS - wind driven roof ventilators and the airflow pattern designed by the SunGreen team.
• The stale air, toxic fumes etc was diluted from the space with the air changes achieved with installation of thr airventilator. - TurboVENT.

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