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Facility summary:High Capacity Electrical control panels are present along the length of the space on both sides.

Challenges faced:

• Workmen were situated all through the assembly line carrying out the processing and bottle filling process.
• Machine had various processes including areas where steam and heat is generated into the facility.
• The atmosphere was to be contaminant free as per company norms.
• All doors and windows were sealed.
• Workmen condition was to be improved, system was to be cost effective and most importantly Indoor air quality should be improved considering the process involved.

SunGreen Solution:

• On analysing the requirements, SunGreen Industial Air technology system was designed and engineered to achieve required cooling in the space without Air Conditioners and also achieving precise filtration of air to achieve the indoor air quality required for optimum results.
• Precise air quantities were designed to supply air to the workmen with directions and velocity precisely engineered to achieve product quality.
• Considering the requirement for ducting due to the workmen locations, Turboa SOX - Fabric ducting systems, also India's first fabric ducting was proposed and installated with customised colours and propreitary textile air diffusers to achieve optimied air flow.
• Heatload locations were analysed to provide appropriate forced exhaust system which also contributed to the air flow pattern in the space.

• Tremendous increase in IAQ( Indoor air quality) along with working comfort which led to high production volumes.
• Turboa SOX - Fabric air ducting were of great advantage considering the cleanliness required and the washability advantage of the same.
• The system has been designed and engineered for optimum results and are maintained by SunGreen Ventilation Systems to achieve the desired results at all times.

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