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Problem: Battery chargers are kept on either side of the isle all along the length. During charging, enormous heat was generated. Air conditioners were used to provide the necessary cooling for the chargers to avoid down times as well provide a conducive working environment. Both the operating cost of the air conditioner and maintenance of the same were high.

Solution: During several meetings with the customer, ECS system was explained with respect to feasibility, reliability and cost savings. A few modifications to the charger arrangement were done including placing the chargers on a pedestal to facilitate airflow, false ceilings and other closures were made to determine the airflow path. Fabric dispersion was used to supply the cold air to the isle space, which was allowed to pass through the chargers too cool the same and WRVs were installed to extract air from the area. The result not only reduced downtime of the machinery but also maintained a conducive working environment and all this was achieved with considerable cost savings in operation and maintenance of the system. Calculation:

• Equipment details: 20 Chargers x 3.6 KW/unit.
• Calculated heat load in the area: 24567 Btu, Original Air Conditioning Capacity - 6 TR @ 18KW/Hr. Electricity consumption.
• After ECS was used:
• Total Cfm of air dispersed to the cold isle space: 10000 cfm
• Total number of TurboVENTS installed: 8 nos. WRV Size: 24"
• Total electricity consumption of the ECS system: 1.5 KW.
• Savings achieved: 16.5 KW/hr.

The efficiency of the chargers improved, the downtime was reduced and all this was achieved at fraction of the cost of an air conditioning system both in terms of initial and operation costs.

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