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Battery Manufacturing Unit:

Activity Summary: Battery manufacturing units consisting of various activities including battery assembly lines, lead plates production areas, acid areas etc.

Challenges faced:
• Considering the various processes involved at a Battery manufacturing unit, there is high amounts of acidic fumes and dust which prevailant in the air volume.
• Acidic fumes also contributed to corrosion of structures inside the space.
• Workmen health was a major concern even though safey precautions have been taken into account as per norms.
• Heat inside the space is tremendous and improved working comfort was required.

SunGreen Solution:
• The site was studied In totallity considerin numerous factors in the space including the heatloads, production volumes, workmen locations , roof building types etc completely before arriving at a solution.
• We started out with providing a General Ventilation system with TurboVENTS - India's first and only proven wind driven ventilator. ( roof ventilators, air vent, wind ventilators, exhaust fan)
• Strategic locations with the SunGreen expertise played a key role in achieving precise airflow patterns, exhaust of acidic fumes thus diluting the same, reducing corrosion issues drastically.
• Worker comfort was improved with the above said system. With requirement for further comfort to the workmen, SunGreen Precise Evaporative Cooling Solution was provided to achieve immense improvement in the worker comfort with 100% fresh air supplied to cool the spots where they are situated and carry out the operations.
• 100% cool fresh air replaced the circulator fans in the shop floor which consumed higher power but was also harmful considering recirculation of the same contaminated air by hitting the same on the workmen at higher velocities which could have led to severe health hazards.

• Tremendously improved working comfort, increased productivity and all this at very minimal costs in comparison to regular air circulators inside the plant/
• Indoor air quality was also improved tremendously due to dilusion of air.
• Absenteism was reduced drastically.

Financial Savings

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