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Automobile Service Centers:

Facility Summary Summary: Service centers consists of multible bays for servicing activities carried out on cars. Workmen are subjected to tough activity.

Challenges faced:

• Working comfort was required by the client for improved productivity
• Bird droppings and dust accumlation which was common in conventional buildings and PEB was required to be avoiding considering the criticalities in the paint coatings in cars.
• Natural light inside the workspace for reduction in running costs.
• Aesthetically appealing spaces as per the company norms.

SunGreen Solution:

• The Client requirements were thoroughly analysed and understood. We made design drawings and submitted the same to them considering the concerns and requirements that were formulated.
• We suggested GreenCurve - Self Supported Roofing Systems / trussless roofing for the project considering the major advantages of LEAKPROOFNESS, No trusses/ Purlins hence no Bird nuisance, No dust accumlation etc.
• The height of the building, facades etc were designed for aesthetic appeal as well as better working comfort.
• TurboCOOL - Portable evaporative Cooling Units were suggested for better adaptability for the required space to improve the working comfort.( Air cooling units, man coolers, replace almonard fans )
• TurboVENTS - India's first wind driven ventilator was installated for general ventilation which is a requirement for any space.


• Aesthetically very appealing building, Bird nuisance was totally avoided, dust and leakage issues were also avoided thus directly contributing to the final product quality.
• TurboCOOL - Portable Evaporative Cooling units provided utmost comfort to the workmen and were also very happy with the adaptability of the same since they kept moving around the parked vehicles to carry out their works.
• TurboVENTS – India’s first and only proven wind driven ventilator / roof ventilator / air ventilator took care of the required air changes for the given space.
• TurboVENTS ( airvent, roofvent, windvent, wind ventilator ) were installated along wth polycarbonate sheets rightly sized to allow natural light inside the space and at the same time not over designed to allow radiated heat inside the work space.

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